The Themos Business Performance Model (BPM) is a state-of-the-art process designed to help your organization get the most value out of your Themos solutions.

Built on the proven expertise we've acquired in building incentive compensation plans for our clients, our new BPM guides us in helping to develop sophisticated business performance solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our BPM also provides flexibility so that, no matter what kind of business your are in, what your management needs are, or where you are in your lifecycle, Themos consultants can work successfully with you on projects to deliver the results you want and enhance your bottom line with minimal risk.

BPM governs each stage in the Themos process from the planning of new incentive compensation programs, to the implementation of our software. Our BPM helps keep your business on track so you can make sure you're managing effectively. The model's methodology does this by taking you systematically through well-defined phases so you achieve your end-goal; building value in your organization.

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