Outsourced Variable Pay Made Easy

Themos has reinvented incentive compensation administration with its new outsourcing service TSource. Administrating, calculating and processing your company's incentive compensation can be just as easy as processing your payroll.

TSource has made it simpler and more convenient for the compensation professional to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiencies while processing their company's variable compensation.

With TSource, all you do is provide us with your incentive plan and employees performance data and we do all the number crunching and reporting for you. During the setup process we develop a customized database with all your performance and compensation criteria using TPower, our flagship software product.

All you do is send us data and request progress and bonus reports.

TSource is the most cost-effective solution available for companies with limited software and IT budgets. We price our ongoing services based on output. This means you only pay for the bonus reports that you request.

TSource outsourcing services include:

  • Plan design and setup
  • Plan modeling and analysis
  • Data collection and management
  • Bonus calculations
  • Periodic reporting
  • Data backup and archive management
  • Data entry
  • Payout data ready for import into your ERP or Payroll software

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