Rapid implementation begins with a comprehensive understanding of your corporate goals and strategic objectives. From there, implementation process is carried out in 3 phases: Plan, Build, and Install. From the very beginning, customers and Themos consultants plan the entire process so both parties understand and agree on their respective roles and responsibilities. The implementation process is designed to get a fully configured, fully functional incentive compensation system up and running as quickly as possible. It's also designed to leverage the specialized expertise of the implementation consultants, and make the most efficient use of customer time applied to the process. Whether Themos or one of our Strategic Business Partners performs your implementation, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will be a single point of contact throughout the implementation.


The process starts with a design discussion, a careful examination of the customer's incentive compensation requirements and existing plans. From that determination, we define the software modules to be used, and how they meet the customer's requirements and support their incentive compensation plan. At the end of this step, Themos will produce a design document that details how it will configure its applications to support the customer's incentive compensation requirements. No open design issues are left at the end of the planning phase.


As the system is being configured according to the design document and tested, the client's team will walk through the configuration to confirm that meets their plan requirements, or help fine-tune the details of the plan. Such hands-on participation facilitates faster training and avoids surprises at the system test phase. The last part of the build step is anend-to-end systems acceptance test, where the customer's implementation team puts the system to test. If the client desires additional customization, software developers will tailor application modules to their specifications.


The third step is for Themos to assist the client's implementation team in moving their incentive compensation plan to the new applications. This stage also includes end-user training on the configured applications. Finally, Themos consultants are at the client's site to aid with the start-up process.

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