The TWeb is a Web deployed software tool that enables organizations to plan and manage the work, performance and communications of employees or contractors that are telecommuting as well as to measure the environmental benefits of telecommuting.

The software program will allow companies to:

  • Create and assign tasks and projects to individuals or groups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Clearly define tasks including a detailed description, tools and resources needed, expected results, completion time and deliverables when the task is complete
  • Oversee the progress of the work and measure the performance of individuals and groups
  • Provide communication tools to allow continuous flow of information between telecommuters, their managers, co-workers and resources.
  • Measure reduction in vehicle travel miles, track vehicle emission reduction, and calculate pollution reduction credits associated with the Clean Air Act.
  • Calculate tax credits for states that have incentive programs for telecommuting.


  • Telecommuting Management tool vs. keystroke monitor
  • Facilitate and promote telecommuting by providing Task Management, Performance Tracking and Communications Tools
  • Alleviate concerns and resistance to managing and supervising remote workers
  • Provide paperless solution to calculate and submit Clean Air Act credit requests
  • Automated process to ease administrative burden from Management and Human Resource functions
  • Measure environmental benefits of telecommuting (pollution and traffic congestion reduction)
  • Help monitor and plan future transportation needs

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