Themos will help you design your incentive compensation plan. The following instruction sheets will guide you through the initial design and setup process. Follow these steps to determine the critical elements that will be the building blocks for your incentive plan.

Each step has two parts:

  • The Worksheets consist of eight blank forms provided for your use. Fill them out based on your organizational structure and the specific requirements of your incentive compensation plan.
  • The Setup sheets demonstrate an example based on a fictitious company created using the organizational chart shown in Exhibit A of this document.

You may need to make several copies of the worksheets before you start to allow sufficient space to enter data and make modifications.

Upon completion of the eight worksheets, you may email them to (Subject: Worksheets) or fax them to Fax# 240-631-2804. Based on the information you provide, an Themos Program Consultant will contact you to assist you in building an operational incentive plan tailored specifically for your organization.

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